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If you are the owner of an electric car and wish to have EV charging points installed on your property, get in touch with Gareth Griffiths Solar & Electrical today. We are based in Llanfairpwllgwyngyll and serve the customers of Anglesey, Bangor and Gwynedd.

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Electric vehicles have been around for over 100 years. Many new technical innovations and tax advantages mean that over the last decade, they have increased in popularity. Electric cars are powered by an electric motor that draws its power from an on-board battery pack, which acts as an energy store. Batteries are charged by simply connecting the vehicle to a mains power supply - usually overnight, for a full charge. A dedicated charge point can reduce charge times to under an hour with newer electric cars. A feature of most modern electric cars is the regenerative braking system, which allows the battery to be topped up when the brakes are applied.

Electric vehicles in the UK

A range of plug-in electric cars have recently been launched in the UK. These allow you to charge your electric car via mains plugs but are also powered by a highly efficient conventional petrol or diesel engine. This can also be used to charge the batteries while on the move, meaning no range limitation or long charging intervals.
Plug-in electric cars benefit from the £5,000 government electric car grant. 
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Advantages of electric cars

Zero Emissions - Electric cars produce zero CO2 emissions when running; they don't emit nitrous oxide or other particle emissions either. As Think! likes to point out - they are not counting grammes coming out of their tail pipes... their cars don't even have tailpipes! Regular fossil-fuelled road transportation is widely cited as being responsible for around a fifth of all global greenhouse gas emissions.

Fuel Costs - A full tank of fuel, namely a fully charged battery, will cost little more than a pint of milk.

Recyclable - Many electric car designers e.g. Stevens are looking at the full life cycle of design and manufacture and its impact on the environment. So they ensure that not only are their cars highly recyclable, they're also often actually made from recycled material.

Energy Efficiency - The trouble with conventional combustion engines (i.e. petrol, diesel, veg oil, etc.) is that they're horribly in-efficient - as much as 80% of the energy produced when the oil is burned is lost as heat! That means for every pound worth of fuel you use, you're throwing away 80p of it! Sure there is still loss in an electrical engine too - but it’s more like 10 or maximum 20%. Given this one single fact it actually seems pretty amazing that electric cars lost out to oil based engines all those years ago.

Noise - Electric cars are quiet, very quiet. In fact in Japan, they needed to introduce artificial noises to ensure those with visual impairments can hear the cars.
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Further benefits

Renewable Energy - Obviously electric cars are only 'actually' zero emission if they derive their electrical power from a renewable source - that is, if you charge your battery up at your house and your house is powered from a coal power station, then the end result is still emissions. However, as discussed already, electric engines are way more efficient, so even if charging the batteries from non-renewable sources, an electric car can still result in halving the amount of CO2 that is produced by a conventional engine. The real potential will be realised when electric cars are coupled with renewable power generation.

Health - Emissions from the combustion of diesel and petrol (carbon-based fuels) which power road vehicles (cars, lorries, vans, motorbikes) create a pretty nasty nix of exhaust fumes which contain: carbon monoxide, nitrogen dioxide, sulphur dioxide, suspended particles, PM-10 particles less than 10 microns in size, benzene, formaldehyde, and polycyclic hydrocarbons. Although conventional fuels have been cleaned up significantly in recent years, they still contain a range of chemicals that are less than good for the environment or human health. Electric cars produce none of these.

Savings - Finally there are those financial incentives: no congestion charge in London, free or discounted parking in many places, no road tax and free charging bays in selected cities.

How to charge your EV

If your vehicle is an EV with a battery to store electricity from an external source, you obviously need to reload your battery

Mode 1: It's the simplest mode; basically you just have to plug your EV to the sector thanks to a 13A domestic socket.

Mode 2: It looks like the first mode but with one difference, a control box with RCD protection is incorporated into the charging cable.

Mode 3: This mode uses a charging point with a dedicated outlet to give the necessary AC power from the grid to your vehicle.

Mode 4: Like the third mode, it uses a charging point but this charger transforms the AC current from the grid to DC current.
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"The main works that Gareth has undertaken for us are the installation of a large ground-mounted Photovoltaic system, with associated control panels. In addition, he has completed a variety of domestic wiring tasks and connection of supply to a ‘workshop’. The quality of his workmanship is excellent. It has been so reassuring to know that when we leave a message via phone or email him, he always responds very promptly. 

And, when he says he is going to attend, he is always there at the stated time! Really pleased and glad we contacted him.”
- Andy Sherriff

"We first met Gareth before he became self-employed and were very impressed with his work ethic and cheerful nature. When he set up his own business it seemed only natural that he would be our electrician of choice for any work to be carried out at our guest house. Apart from being highly skilled, efficient and reliable he is also a thoroughly nice person.” 
- Jim and Eryl Wynne., Plas Coch Guest House

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